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Everything you need to easily automate your manual data capture process

Kaptiche is a browser based intelligent software to Identify, Classify and Capture the meaningful information from the business specific documents, irrespective of its format and source.

Kaptiche - An "Out of the Box" Intelligent Data Capture Software

Kaptiche helps organizations in automating their business process to accelerate the pace of business transactions by eliminating manual document sorting and data entry thereby improving accuracy and streamlining workflows.

No matter what the document type, Kaptiche powerfully extracts the data with its advanced Intelligent data capture solution. It fetches the data by interacting with e-mails, mobile devices, file transfer, and fax.


Advanced Intelligent Data Capture

Automatically classify, extract, validate and direct business critical data from incoming customer communications and operational processes

Automatic Document Classification

An Intelligent technology that allows classification of documents based on types (invoices, receipts, bills, forms etc.). It enables automatic sorting of incoming documents, segregation and routing them to preconfigured destinations.

Advanced Processing

A pre-processing allows skew de-skew images from scanners and enhance the quality of the documents for enhanced processing. It also Converts documents with printed text into an information extractable format.

Data Extraction

Powerful data extraction algorithm will extract specific information from documents and export to downstream application or render as a .XML, .CSV or. JSON.


Kaptiche Enabling Industry Specific Digital Transformation:

Every Industry has its own business specific journey and accumulates paperwork on the way, this includes finance companies onboarding customers, manufacturing companies tracking suppliers and vendors, healthcare companies maintaining patient records and medical history. Apart from the obvious - bills, receipts and invoices used across the industries, here are some hand-picked industry specific use cases, where the process can be expedited using Kaptiche.




Kaptiche will be able to accelerate the customer journey’s, improve customer interventions, accounts handling, vendor management, claims handling, policy renewal. Kaptiche renders information that are locked up as paper files and allowing hassle-less digital transformation.


  • Easy Browser File Upload
  • Data Capture from images, PDF documents etc.
  • Mobile Capture
  • Template Designer for all document types
  • Key Data Extraction
  • Automatic Document Classification
  • User / Group Management
  • Data Connectors for downstream applications


  • Reduce Manpower Utilization by 100%
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Security Compliance
  • Reduce processing time

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