Data Discovery

Data Discovery with Data Classification

Discover, Identify, Classify, Inventory, Remediate, Control & Protect your data including:

PII, IP, PCI, PHI, Unstructured Data, Structured Data & more

– with Zero False Positives.      Free*  

GTB Technologies has now changed, for the better, the Data Discovery / Data Classification space by utilizing its proprietary content fingerprinting technology to classify data and files based on unstructured or  structured data.

Increase in Phishing Attacks

With increased phishing attacks and data leak risks, protecting sensitive data, customer & corporate information from a breach is more important than ever.  It’s tantamount that you know the answers to these questions:

–    Where is your data?

 –    Can you manage/control the egregious amount of information within & beyond your network perimeter? 

–    Is your organization subject to penalty fees from regulators?

GTB Technologies mission is to properly secure an organizations’ mission critical data from data leakage by bringing a broad set of influential Data Protection  innovations and unique vision to the market.  We know Data Protection is an ongoing, fluid process.  One of the first steps is Data Classification or having the ability to identify and discover what sensitive content to monitor and protect.  This can be customer information, HR data, quarterly statements, source code, Salesforce content, business plans and much more.

Big Data Discovery

Reduce issues in accurately locating and identifying sensitive data within  big data environments.

Continuous Compliance

The ability to become and maintain compliant with the never ending list of Federal, State & International Government data security regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), GLBA, HIPAA, CA SB1386, CA AB1950, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, The US Patriot Act,  FISMA, FERC/NERC, PCI, EU Data Protection directive, Data Breach Notification Law, NPP-9, PIPEDA,  ITAR, Law 152-FZ “On Personal Data” Code Federal Financial Markets Service, the Joint UK Corporate Governance Code … is made even more difficult with consumerization of data.

GTB’s patent pending, proprietary technology provides organizations with a Unified Data Centric Policy Approach.  One which offers the overall control and visibility needed to manage advanced threats, prevent data loss, enforce compliance while protecting the brand and reputation.  The combination of GTB’s AccuMatchTM Detection with its’ Classification and data collection features and capabilities, creates a tool which provides an organization the unsurpassed ability to:

Discover, Identify, Locate, Classify & Inventory – your critical data and its locations – Simple & Easy

See & Control your Data – from who is accessing it, where it’s being sent, copied or transmitted.

Real-Time Monitoring – be notified when a user saves a file with sensitive content

Continuous Compliance – Scan on demand or scheduled

Ensure Data Removal – while reporting Violations

Educate & Promote  End User Security Awareness – teach compliance and organization security policies

Enterprise Reporting – dynamic reports based on departments, users, channels, geographic locations, etc.

Apply DRM / IRM policies – in realtime

Accurate, Easy, Powerful yet Affordable

GTB eDiscovery detects potential violations of data security and compliance before it becomes a security incident. This mitigates consequences of laptop loss, intrusions and potential malware.

GTB’s technology is unique in that it not only exposes confidential data but also positively establishes its absence.  Now eDiscovery firms can focus on reviewing the most relevant ESI (electronically stored information), providing accelerated review times & early case assessment (ECA) amounting to lower costs.

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