Cloud Information Protection

Cloud Information Protection (CIP)

DLP & eDiscovery as a Service

GTB’s Cloud Information Protection (CIP) solutions permit organizations, of all sizes, to implement cloud strategies by applying the necessary security protections which are needed to meet data compliance & privacy regulations, protect sensitive data stored in repositories or in transit (e.g. PCI, PII, Intellectual Property (IP), etc) from being compromised.

With GTB DLP’s, ClouDLPTM, organizations (both large & small) can ensure the ROI of their investments in their cloud programs. We are the only cloud based DLP service which can be deployed either inline or outofline with unsurpassed detection capabilities, utilizing proprietary detection alogorithms.

Cloud Discovery as a Service:

used for data at rest discovery, protection, data classification and identification of any sensitive data anywhere on the enterprises network. protection, data classification and identification of sensitive data within files anywhere on the enterprises network.

With GTB’s AccuMatch Detection, confidential data is discovered with the same precision and performance as that of the GTB Inspector.


Discovers data in file shares

Network friendly

Ensures regulatory compliance

Highest precision

No false negatives*

Discovers data unique to your business

Insures absence of violations

Maintenance free

Unattended operation

Result: Ability to detect potential violations of data security and compliance BEFORE any security incident. GTB eDiscovery mitigates consequences of laptop loss, intrusions and potential malware.

Cloud DLP as a Service:

Simplify your network and reduce the total cost of ownership by utilizing GTB’s Data Leak Prevention as a Service. It’s easy to use and can be implemented immediately. It’s a no fuss approach to Data Leak Prevention. There’s no appliance or agent to install. All you need to do is provide the address space you want to protect, point to us and you’re good to go, tapped into GTB’s proprietary intelligent, protection network.

Sensitive data is accurately identified & protected with enforcement of defined actions such as: Permit, Encrypt, Block, Quarantine, plus more.