Cloud Architecture

Cloud Computing and Emerging Technologies, Software-as-a Service (SaaS), Virtualization, Web-Oriented Architecture (WOA), Enterprise Mashup…….

These technologies can mean a profound change in the design of an organizations’ infrastructures; permitting large organizations to be nimble while enabling smaller organizations to create advanced, sophisticated infrastructures rivaling their large counterparts; however these technologies bring an innate security risk and compliant nightmare.

By deploying Inspector Cloud, providers can secure their customer’s data and gain a competitive advantage over less secured competitive offering.

Problem: Your Data Leaves &/or Enters the Cloud;


When trusted users, your employees or contractors, use your confidential data from Cloud services such as Salesforce, Amazon (AWS), Dropbox, etc; the chance of leakage (whether by accident or with intention) increases.

Did you know … While most of these cloud providers utilize HTTPS to transfer data, some are using SECURE RDP. Such transmissions represent significant risk of data loss since ‘content-aware’ DLP systems do not have visibility to such breaches.

Solution # 1: GTB’s Inspector Cloud – Discover, Protect, Enable

GTB’s Inspector Cloud knows the moment your trusted or Non trusted users access this sensitive data, sending alerts or enforcing policies such as block, encrypt or quarantine thus preventing any breach or unintended use.

Implement consistent policies across the clouds

Organizations can now have full control of the data that is allowed to move to the cloud and block data that is prohibited. The Inspector scans all content upload to cloud applications such as Salesforce, Box, Google, Dropbox, SAP, AWS and more. Based on easy, customizable policies, the Inspector will use enforcement actions such as block, quarantine, alert and more along with notifying & educating an enduser or administrator.

GTB’s DLP suite provides support for SECURE RDP; enabling full and accurate protection against policy violations targeted to the Cloud. NO OTHER SOLUTION CAN!

Solution # 2: GTB’s DLP as a Service

We’ve re-invented the Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Marketplace; now our unique technology is available to organizations regardless of the size with our DLP as a Service. Click here for more information

Cloud Providers, MSSPs, ISPs, Hosters can now deploy DLP for their customers by joining GTB’s Cloud Alliance Program.

Solution For Beyond the Network w/o the Cloud: GTB’s Content Aware IRM