InstaSafe reduces costs, speeds deployment, and minimizes risk so that businesses can safely embrace the tremendous opportunities of mobility.


Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access:

Employees and consultants are on the go, and they want to work at any time, and from anywhere. They also want to work not only from a PC or Mac, but from their iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Now you can securely enable mobility on all of these platforms with InstaSafe Secure Access Cloud Service.

To remain productive and collaborate efficiently, remote users require access to a company’s resources from anywhere and at any time, whether they are using a company-issued laptop, a personal computer, or a mobile device. IT departments face the challenge of providing secure mobility to an exponentially growing number of mobile devices, while ensuring that the company’s data is safe and protected.

The Instasafe Secure Access Solution is a innovative Cloud enabled solution that extends network access safely and easily to a wide range of users and devices. It offers the most comprehensive and versatile secure mobility solution in the industry and supports the widest range of connectivity options, endpoints and platforms to meet your organization’s changing and diverse remote access needs.

The solution is powered by myInstaSafe, the web based Central Management console, which gives IT administrators a single point of control to assign granular access based on both the user and the device. It is designed to enable highly secure, flexible secure mobility deployments.

InstaSafe Technology Features & Benefits

All of this is available at any time through a software download. Because InstaSafe is a cloud-based security service, users can self-provision their devices from anywhere in the world, and comply with your security policies without you managing their entire device.

InstaSafe CloudConnect

InstaSafe CloudConnect

InstaSafe CloudConnect connects enterprise data-centers to external clouds and hosting environments, making the cloud a secure extension of the enterprise network.

As enterprises begin to think about the benefits of the cloud, two main concerns inevitably come to mind: security and access control. Businesses are attracted to the cost savings, infinite capacity and elastic efficiency of the cloud. InstaSafe CloudConnect helps to create a secure and seamless bridge between your existing IT infrastructure and any Public Cloud Provider. It is a Cloud powered networking solution to securely connect your existing infrastructure like data and directory services and apps to the cloud.

myInstaSafe provides the choice to connect to more clouds with a simple, GUI-based configuration. InstaSafe Cloud Connect provides flexible, optimized connection to public clouds with an option of extending the L2 networks across the enterprise and cloud datacenter.


CloudBridge makes cloud-hosted applications appear to administrators, tools and even the applications themselves as though they are running on the enterprise network.

CloudConnect Use Cases: Businesses can leverage a variety of Hybrid Cloud use cases. Typical ones are:

  • Development, QA/Testing
  • Staging Environments
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Bursting

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication

Combine Active Directory Passwords, hardware tokens and client certificates to ensure secured access to your network resources.

Authenticate Confidently

Tiered Authentication: Tiered Authentication adds security to your applications & network access. For example, when using Active directory authentication, the administrator, can add Arrayshield Multi factor authentication before prompting the users application or network resources. This added security layer decreases account lockouts caused by brute force password attacks on the domain.

Arrayshield Pattern based Authentication

InstaSafe Secure Access support Arrayshield & all popular authentication servers through RADIUS integration.