ObserveIT Enterprise

ObserveIT Enterprise for User Activity Monitoring:

Get Compliant with Citrix, SSH and RDP Recording

What ObserveIT Does

  • Captures video recording of all user activity
  • Generates textual audit logs for every app (even apps that have no internal logging!)
  • Identifies shared-account users (‘admin’) and detects identity theft


ObserveIT Overview Video


ObserveIT’s Corporate Keylogger



  • Intelligent audit logs: Video logs and Textual metadata logs for every user action, including legacy apps, cloud and commercial software, and apps with no internal logging
  • Record & Replay: Precise forensic investigation that shows visually exactly what the user did
  • Identity Management Suite: Tie generic ‘administrator’ logins to specific named user and detect identity theft
  • SIEM Integration: Simple tie-in of intelligent log data for any SIEM, Log Management and System Monitor platform
  • Policy messaging: Satisfies policy training compliance regulations


How it Works


Monitoring TS, Citrix, Vmware and SSH sessions

Identify: ObserveIT identifies all remote and terminal users

As soon as a user starts a session (using any connection protocol), ObserveIT identifies the precise user id. Shared users (ex: ‘administrator’) must provide secondary credentials of a specific named user.

Record: Generating logs and capturing video

ObserveIT captures a detailed textual log plus video recording of every user action. Logs are generated for every application, even those that don’t have their own internal logs. These logs avoid the technical mumbo-jumbo of typical system logs, instead showing exactly what the user did (and not just the underlying results). Details include the files opened, windows viewed and specific UI activity, which are then tied to precise video that delivers precise forensic evidence.

Report: Pre-built and customizable compliance audit reports

Access the audit recordings any way you wish. Automated canned reports sent via email, periodic and customized reports, textual summaries and full video replay are at your fingertips.




What’s ObserveIT?

Wanna find out more about ObserveIT? Watch this video and in just 90 seconds you’ll see how ObserveIT can help your organization with data security and corporate compliance.

ObserveIT Demo Video

Watch this video to understand what ObserveIT is all about. This video highlights the system’s most important uses, features and benefits.