InstaSafe Secure Access


InstaSafe Secure access service enables secure Internet connections between your geographically dispersed offices, remote mobile workers and mobile sales force. Share information between your branches, and allow your mobile workers to plug into your corporate network from any location using any device.

InstaSafe handles the complex aspects of mobility that most businesses aren’t equipped to deal with, like the security, integration, and management of remote access across applications, devices and locations.

InstaSafe reduces costs, speeds deployment, and minimizes risk so that businesses can safely embrace the tremendous opportunities of mobility.




 InstaSafe Secure Access


 InstaSafe Secure Access


 InstaSafe Secure Access



InstaSafe Secure Acces



Employees and consultants are on the go, and they want to work at any time, and from anywhere.




How does it Work?

InstaSafe agent: Download and install both on the device and the resource server (Public or Private Cloud)

Secure Tunnel: The InstaSafe agent establishes as outbound SSL connection to the InstaSafe Cloud Security Gateway.

Access: Remote users using their devices connect their applications and files or resources through the InstaSafe Cloud Gateway and traffic is routed to the Corporate network by InstaSafe.

Create Users & Access Control: Using the central management console, myInstaSafe Access Control Lists (ACL) can be applied to individual users or resources to control applications and services.

Authentication: Users are authenticated by password or using pattern based Multifactor authentication. We also integrate with other popular multi factor authentication mechanisms such as SecureID, SMS.

Directory Services: InstaSafe uses Radius Authentication as defacto standard and provides integration with other directory services such as Active Directory, LDAP


My Instasafe

Your Web based Centralised console

Define policies, manage and provision users, devices and networks, and view reports across your entire distributed organization. Available anywhere, at any time, from any device, the myInstaSafe, dashboard provides simple, actionable, real-time status on the remote access security posture of your organization.


Instant Provisioning:


Gain instant visibility into your networks or compromised systems, from any Internet-connected device, in just minutes.


Centralised Management:

pro-chart2Get visibility and control across your entire distributed organization, through a single dashboard, from any Internet-connected device.


Realtime Reporting:

You can view real-time status of laptops and mobile devices, no matter where your users travel. Instantly and


easily identify infected clients and inappropriate use with comprehensive, drill-down reporting.


InstaSafe Advantage

At InstaSafe we bring years of expertise in building remote access solutions and believe, there is a better method to enabled people to collaborate and work together anytime, anywhere and that does not need to be complicated.

Employees and consultants are on the go, and they want to work at any time, and from anywhere.

Simplicity – Easy to Install & Manage

  • Cloud based, hardware free, SSL based solution.
  • All you need is a Internet access and your computing device( BYOD)
  • Does not require changing existing network configuration or firewalls.
  • All links secured by industry-standard protocols and digital certificates.
  • Role based Granular access controls for Resources & users.


  • Robust confidentiality using AES-128 bit encryption standards and data integrity using HMAC SHA-1.
  • Robust Multi level authentication using default two way digital signature, plus password and two factor authentication

Scalable & Flexible

  • Add or Remove users on-demand, users can self install the agent.
  • Unified Solution for Remote access & Site to Site requirements.
  • Supports all internet technologies, 2G, 3G, 4G & support multiple platforms.
  • Easy to Use Web Based Management console ( myInstaSafe) reduces complexity

Increased Productivity

  • Access your apps, files from any device any where.
  • Quickly respond to your business needs.
  • Get your Mobile workers stay connected

Control Costs

  • Subscription based offering.
  • Scale as per necessity, pay as you go.
  • No minimum contract, applicable.
  • No need for specialised technical staff to support.


Technology Features

Employees and consultants are on the go, and they want to work at any time, and from anywhere. They also want to work not only from a PC or Mac, but from their iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Feature Benefit
Simplicity of Rollout A simple, lightweight InstaSafe agent can be downloaded and installed on any device (supports windows, linux, Mac platforms) and to build a secure network.
Simplicity of Management myInstaSafe, the web based central management console helps in provisioning, and real time reports.
Multiplatform support Provides flexibility in allowing users to access corporate resources from any type of device using any type of operating system.
Uses SSL Security Secure data channel using industry standards advanced encryption methods combined with granular access control to intranet, hosted or cloud resources.InstaSafe makes a connection from inside ( on-premise) to outside(InstaSafe Cloud) and hence needs only outbound port to be opened.
Granular Access Control Allows administrators to tailor access security policies to specific groups, providing access only to essential data.
Single Sign-On (SSO) Capability Alleviates the need for end users to enter and maintain multiple sets of credentials for secure remote access.
Unified Technology Unified Technology for secure access connectivity of Site to Site connectivity and Mobile worker remote access solution.
Redundancy With built in Redundancy feature, provides worry free reliable uninterrupted service delivery.
Support We provide dedicated personalized assistance to ensure that our customers are getting the most of our service.