GTB’s AccuMatch Technology provides Accelerated Review Time and Lower Costs

DISCOVER, INVENTORY, CLASSIFY & ENCRYPT Sensitive Data with Virtually Zero False Positives on Fingerprinted Data

Utilizing the most state-of-the-art detection algorithms; GTB eDiscovery, is a discovery tool for data at rest protection, data classification &categorization, encryption, early case assessment (ECA) and search for Enterprises and SMB organizations. Discover and understand sensitive data and relationships before the data is moved to big data environments

GTB eDiscovery can scan every location on the network, including file servers, desktops and laptops. Confidential data is discovered with the same precision and real-time performance of the GTB Inspector. GTB eDiscovery is also fully integrated with the GTB DLP suite, providing a complete DLP suite.

Ensure Data is removed:

GTB eDiscovery scans the whole hard drive and finds files, even in the Recycle Bin, ensuring that what is expected to be deleted was actually deleted. Accurately monitor, protect and report violations any time a file is saved and/or blocked from saving; essentially eliminating the necessity to endlessly scan machines for data violations.

Big Data Discovery:

Discover and understand sensitive data and relationships before sensitive data is moved to big data environments.


GTB eDiscovery reports detailed information for each violating file, including location, actual content, context, file owner, file name, last accessed/modified time, policy violation and more. It includes a complete Workflow functionality which allows to simultaneously respond to multiple violations.

Continuous Compliance:

GTB eDiscovery allows businesses, government and educational organizations to secure data and demonstrate compliance with GLBA, Sarbanes Oxley, PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH Act, FISMA, FERC/NERC and other regulations. Combined with GTB IRM, eDiscovery is able to automatically enforce Information Rights policies on files that violate corporate policies or industry data regulations.

Enterprise wide scans can be performed on demand or on a batch schedule for continuous compliance.


GTB eDiscovery detects potential violations of data security and compliance before it becomes a security incident. This mitigates consequences of laptop loss, intrusions and potential malware. GTB’s technology is unique in that it not only exposes confidential data but also positively establishes its absence.

Now eDiscovery firms can focus on reviewing the most relevant ESI (electronically stored information), providing accelerated review times & early case assessment (ECA) amounting to lower costs.




Agentless based solution

Scans thousands of computers at the same time

Incident Workflow

Network friendly

Discover & Protect all file formats (binary / text) –

Auto Encryption

Secures all content

Discover & Protect database records & fields

Ensures regulatory compliance

Virtually zero false positive rate*

Highest precision of detection

Automatic or manual discovery

Non-stop data protection

Customized data type definition

Discovers data unique to your business

Unattended operation

High Performance

Robust & Centralized Policy Management

Minimize costs associated with disclosing data

Central Console Review

Manage data across multiple locations

Which eDiscovery tool can prove data is NOT there?

GTB eDiscovery can, find out how