GTB ENDPOINT PROTECTOR – Content & Context -aware Device Control

OPSWAT Certified

Secure traffic over applications & devices with one, unified policy. Provides context & content-aware device & data control that recognizes and optionally blocks the output or removal of secure data / content.

Automatically encrypts and shadows.

Supports online and offline policies (on-premise or off-premise), even if data is SSL encrypted.


GTB’s Endpoint Protector is an innovative DLP solution addressing the growing problem of secure data leaving the organization through removable media & mobile devices such as iPods, CD/DVD’s, USB Drives or POS systems.

Rather than restricting devices that connect to the network and passively auditing data transfers, the GTB Endpoint Protector offers organizations the ability to control what content can be transferred between the network, applications & removable media devices.

The GTB Endpoint Protector has four main functions: controlling removable media devices connecting to the network both in-line or wireless, providing detailed removable media auditing of hardware and file transactions, protecting data by selective encryption of specific file types or protected content; ability to monitor and control data before it is transferred to removable media.

  • Provides complete access control addressing all removable media
  • Manages detailed file auditing
  • Offers both online, wireless and offline protection mode
  • SSL encrypted data
  • POS system data control

Result. The GTB Endpoint Protector client monitors I/O activity, enforcing access policies created in the management console. All data sent to removable media is intercepted and inspected by the GTB inspection engine. Various enforcement actions can then be taken, such as blocking, alerting, encryption, etc.


is data that is saved on removable media devices. GTB’s Endpoint Protector scans data for sensitive content before it is saved and then can block unauthorized transfers. The Endpoint Protector can also detect activities such as copy and paste, or use of sensitive data in an unapproved application, such as someone encrypting the data in an attempt to bypass the Endpoint Protector’s block.

Supported Devices

  • USB Drives
  • Wireless Interfaces such as: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • iPod, other mp3 players
  • CD/DVD
  • FireWire
  • SD Cards
  • Floppy Drives
  • Other I/O devices
  • POS System devices

Access Control

  • Individual Users
  • Individual Users with Wireless devices
  • User Group
  • Computer Group
  • Port
  • Device Type
  • File Type
  • Drive Serial Number

Application Control

  • Skype
  • Drop Box
  • QQ
  • Gtalk
  • Evernote, Salesforce, Skydrive, Google Drive
  • and much more!


  • LDAP Integration
  • Files Encryption
  • Detailed File Auditing
  • Detailed Hardware Auditing
  • Two way file control
  • Online and Offline modes
  • Online and Offline modes – even if data is SSL encrypted!


  • Block
  • Log
  • Encrypt
  • Shadow
  • Audit


  • Built in Central Console Reports
  • Built in Table Reports
  • Built in Crystal Reports
  • MS Access format exporting