GTB’s Policy Based Email Encryption Accurate Detection coupled with Secure Delivery

Policy Based Encryption

Why combine Data Loss Prevention with Email Encryption?

To easily and cost effectively prevent leaks, enforce compliance while protecting your brand and reputation

The GTB Inspector, a content aware reverse firewall; scans all outbound transmissions and identifies sensitive data in real-time. transparently encrypting and protecting your email transmissions (including Gmail), file transfers, IM, while retaining full functionality.

This is done for all protocols, including Web 2.0 applications, Email, SSL, IM and P2P.

GTB offers DLP solutions which are fully integrated with all the leading, best-of-breed email encryption solutions such as Voltage, Zix, Cisco, etc. When organizations use the GTB Inspector along with leading Email Encryption Products / Services, they are able to enforce granular data protection / security policies with the highest accuracy in the industry.

Quick & Simple

Once an email is found to contain sensitive content, it is instantly encrypted and delivered to the recipient using Email Encryption Services.

For the Endpoint, our Endpoint Protector monitors any I/O activity on a PC for all removable media activity, enforcing access policies created in the management console. All data sent to removable media is intercepted and inspected by the GTB inspection engine. Various enforcement actions can then be taken, such as blocking, alerting, encryption, etc

For more information on the Next Generation of Data Loss Prevention, go to the GTB Resource Center Read about an available GTB Policy Based Email Encryption solution incorporating one of
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